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[Feb. 7th, 2004|08:56 pm]
In our meeting today we pretty much established the entire sequence of events for the workshop. We decided each girl should pick three out of the 5 discussion groups to take.

I don't have the notes for the exact thing, but those are brought to every meeting and I'll get them at the next one.

Basically, we're having all of the discussion groups after potluck dinner on Friday night. Then we'll have a bedtime activity (probably orgasm faking contest, then boardgames, then stories) The next morning we get up at ten (wake up song possibly, I hope!) and have feedback to the discussion groups and then a big discussion about the history of cunts and the word cunt with everyone, throughout the entire thing every girl is going to make a painting, and at the end we're all going to swap paintings with eachother.

Earlier in the week from our lock-in, James from Bucketworks is having an all male lock-in with a similar agenda. The week following both of our groups we're going to have a "cunts meets the cocks" discussion group with boys vs. girls scrabble.

Also I hate to say this, but I should add that I don't have to much faith in Saira to really be helpful with this, however, she's only been to one meeting and has a whole month to prove that she's willing to do the work for this. At this point I wouldn't be willing to give her the responsibility of a discussion group because I'm pretty confident that she wouldn't be ableto prepare herself. I really hope she does get herself caught up to us because I think she could potentially contribute a lot.