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(no subject) [Feb. 4th, 2004|06:57 pm]
The last meeting we had was on monday. We decided to push the date back to mid march instead of late february because the fireplace at the warming house needs repair, this proved to be a good thing because today we found out from Sally that The warming house people were being weird about letting underage girls have a lock in unsupervised. That's really stupid, and even if they would let us rent it anyway we decided it wasn't necessary and we didn't want then to maybe have the cops keep an eye on us or anything. Whitefish Bay cops have nothing better to do. So we are pretty much decided on using the "play space" at Bucketworks instead. We will do the event proposal for that at the next meeting which I believe is Saturday.

We also got all of our discussion groups a lot more organized:

Bleeding. (Sally's doing that one)
Rape. (That's Emily's)
Women's health and birthcontrol. (Mine.)
Gender Identity (I believe that's Lori's as of right now)
Acrimony of Cunts (I believe that is the other Emily's)

Lori and Emily #2 may switch it around, so those two aren't concrete yet.

Right now I'm in charge of making flyers, distributing them (everyone will help there), my discussion group, and invitations (since we're keeping the group of grrrls at around 30 its by invite, and if need be there will be a waiting list)

Also we're toying with the idea of having a big general discussion group of all the girls every other week or so after the workshop is over, but that's something else all together.

Hopefully after the next meeting dates will get finalized and flyers out. Also I joined a cunt LJ community on the odd chance there's another Milwaukee girl in it or something.

That's it for now.
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