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The language in this post is not intended to be offensive. [Feb. 29th, 2004|12:08 pm]

The event I'm promoting is a "feminist" workshop, and I think it's important for young people to know about. There is also a similar event the same weekend for men, so boys, you read this too.


            From hush hush to cunt! (the milwaukee cunt convention)

Hello, the subject of this post may in fact be a bit deceptive because it's geared towards everyone, not just women.

I'm on the "cunt committee" organizing an event that's a full weekend long (fri. night-sun.)at Bucketworks focusing on gender issues. the events is actually three events all rolled up into one;

The Milwaukee Cunt Convention (Fri. night-Sat. morning lock-in)
The Milwaukee Cock Convention (Fri. noon-night dinner &forum)
Open Gender (Both convention have gender forum &sexy scrabble)

I'm working on the cunt convention so I want to give some info about that.

The event is inspired by Cunt (Inga Muscio's book for those who don't know) but is going way above and beyond that as far as what goes on. There's going to be lots of food (and we didn't forget about the vegans!) Several forums that will NOT be boring lectures, a communal art project... a lot of good stuff is gonna happen, and, a lot of issues will be attacked.

Both events are by invitation only and have limited space!!

For more information about either the cunt or convention, or for an invitation request contact:


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(no subject) [Feb. 27th, 2004|10:11 pm]
Okay, so I just started promoting the convention online via livejournal just now. I joined 3 Milwaukee based LJ communities and posted in them, and one Cunt community. Before I get off of the computer I'm going to print out some flyers.

Oh, and have I mentioned HOW FRUSTRATED I AM WITH JAMES??? We had another horrible tense meeting yesterday because of him. Ugh. I don't know. The cunt convention is now being run by an aggressive white business man. Just fucken figures right??? The event itself will be amazing though. Good stuff. Gotta keep my eyes on the prize...
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James is pissing me off so much. He's being like 'oppressive man' trying to control the cunt convention, which by the way... IS FOR PEOPLE THAT HAVE CUNTS! Yeah, but actually his ideas are good and his points are valid, and since his on the cock converntion comittee and the bucketworks exec' director his does need to be involved. Unfortunately, he's a goddamn businessman and he introduced a major issue to us which we expected to be able to get around. MONEY. Ugh... We planned the entire thing as a free event and all of the sudden James drops into the meeting and goes, by the way I'm the big bucketworks boss man, and we need to make $1,000 dollars off of this event. Then we all yelled at him because he insisted everyone pay $20 which is insane, so we settled on getting sponsership. This obviously creates a lot more work for everyone. But yeah, okay, money exists and I have to deal with that. Whatever.

He also introduced a new format for the dicsussion groups called open space, which I don't even wanna go into... Everythings gotten more complicated, but I still think in the end it'll be a fantastic event.

Finally our commitee (comittee? committee?) is solid with long run non-flaky women. Kinda...

Ally (didn't even show for the meeting)
Emily (doesn't contribute much anymore, but I have faith)
Me (the politician, ha)
Mel (thank god for Mel!!)
Lisa? (maybe will do something...)
Jen? (maybe will do something)

Anyway, we can do it with a 5 girls, at least 4 of which are doing solid work. Aside from frustration, everythings going well.
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Taken from an article on fox21.com [Feb. 19th, 2004|10:20 am]
A consumer survey done by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery shows in 2002, forty-eight percent of 18-24 year olds were in favor of having cosmetic surgery. Among the most common procedures performed on 18 year olds and younger include chemical peels, cosmetic ear surgery and nose reshaping. Also out of one hundred percent of U.S. Americans who've had cosmetic surgery in 2002, eighty-eight percent were women.
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2004|08:11 pm]
The workshop got moved back again to the weekend of the 19th because there's an event at bucketworks the weekend of the 13th. This time it's final. On the flyers and everything. I'm gonna do some hardcore flyering tomorrow afternoon.
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(no subject) [Feb. 10th, 2004|09:46 pm]
I'm making 50 flyers at kinkos tomorrow which will be a good start at least. We figure for every ten flyers will attract on girl at best, and we still have space for like 15, so flyering is going to be an ongoing chore I think. Hopefully by thursday i'll have time to make another 50 and get them up as well. I wanna be done with flyers by mid-next week since the convention is only a month away. Ihate to say it, but I'm glad Saira dropped herself out. That would've caused way too much tension between me and Emily otherwise since Emily for whatever reason really had faith in Saira. We seem to be handling the work just fine. I think at this point Sally's been doing more then Emily and I just since she did the event proposal, but with the way it's looking I think it'll even out in the end. Next meeting is Thursday.
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(no subject) [Feb. 8th, 2004|10:54 pm]
The Milwaukee Cunt Convention was approved for the weekend of March 13th at Buckets works. Here's how it goes.

Cunt Convention 6:00pm the 13th to 1:00pm the 14th.
Cock Convention Evening of the 14th to afternoon of the 15th.
Both convention boys vs. girls scrabble evening of the 15th.

Way fun.
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Read This [Feb. 8th, 2004|10:57 am]
Taking the scalpel to an impossible standard of beauty
By Julia Baird
February 7, 2004

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The American media have dubbed it Botoxgate. John Kerry, senator for Massachusetts, having just scored a critical win in the New Hampshire primaries, was pedalling his way confidently through a maze of media interviews. Then a Boston radio announcer cut to the question which had floated on the internet for a week: "Can you categorically deny the reports that you have used Botox or other kinds of cosmetic surgery or cosmetic enhancements to your appearance?" Kerry responded, "Absolutely, I've never even heard of it."

The scoop had plastic surgeons across the US attempting to furrow their brows over the before and after shots posted on the Drudge Report web site. If the reports are right, the majority view was that he was lying. How could he not know, asked commentators, if his wife had told Elle magazine she is partial to the odd poisonous injection? The media pounced, Howard Dean made snide remarks and The Tonight Show's Jay Leno asked: "Does anybody care? I think the only thing people care about is whether Howard Dean has had all his distemper shots."

It's a shallow story in what has been a silly week, with the outrage after Janet Jackson's breast was bared when Justin Timberlake ripped off part of her leather bra at the Superbowl. The "wardrobe malfunction" excuse was delicious. It was a manufactured stunt, her nipple was covered and she looked like a dozen other starlets who regularly and monotonously bare their bits in public. But the Kerry story was interesting because of reactions like Leno's. Plastic surgery is now considered part of good grooming, a career move, a bid to project youthful energy and confidence. It is also popular among male executives because it conceals emotions: anger, fear, stress.

The 67-year-old Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, blamed his wife for the decision to have surgery. Despite the disappearance of his wrinkles and suddenly stretched skin, he claimed to have had only eyelid surgery. Asked if he was vain, he replied: "I merely strive to be agreeable."

There's still something disconcerting about it. Would we care if John Howard was having Botox and a face peel in a bid to make voters forget he is at retirement age? Or if Mark Latham had a nose job and hair implants to woo the female vote? If Carmen Lawrence had an eyelift and collagen injections in her lips? Yes, we would. Australians have never warmed to overt signs of vanity.

But we are starting to equate surgery with success. TV shows like Extreme Makeover - now auditioning for an Australian version - lure the insecure and vulnerable with promises of freedom, success, an apparent agelessness. Most candidates are women - rows of Eliza Dolittles who don't need elocution lessons in order to enter society but dermabrasion, teeth whitening and breast implants instead.

These procedures are increasingly being seen just as part of the normal upkeep, which women now begin in their 20s. Because of this, we are beginning to forget what women really look like. A browse through a pile of 1970s Playboys is a sobering reminder of the retro-nude.

Untamed hair, breasts which sit down on women's chests rather than nestling into their necks, white limbs, curvy hips, shapely legs. Normal-looking women, not the modern muscled cyborgs who puff up their chests, stuff their lips, and suction-cup their eyes out of their skulls. And, even more worryingly, pay for designer vaginas, usually after giving birth.

More and more crannies and crevices of our bodies are open to the kind of scrutiny which comes from knowing "perfection" could only be three months' salary and a few bruised wounds away. One friend, 29, told me last week she was thinking of having liposuction on her big toe. Another, 30, had Botox the week before she was due to give a speech. We are normalising an aesthetic which is achievable only with a scalpel or syringe.

It's hard to rail against plastic surgery, even though so many do, because it is sold as a tool of empowerment. Why spit on beauty as an oppressive ideal when you can buy it?

In a keynote address to the International Congress for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons last year, the human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson argued, "As a form of pain relief the use of surgery to reduce social pain is arguably as valid as that to reduce physical pain."

But the question then becomes, how do we define social pain? In the recent Miss Ugly Contest in China 50 women lined up for the prize of $16,500 worth of plastic surgery. The 26-year-old winner reportedly complained, "My small eyes, flat nose and poor skin have been such a burden to me that I have no self-confidence to compete for better opportunities in life."

You can't easily condemn or patronise women who allow surgeons to smash then repair their bodies because they are trying to hold their heads up in a world which deifies Playboy bunnies. This is why some women have made the dubious claim that plastic surgery is a triumph for, not a failure of, Western feminism.

But when it becomes compulsory annual maintenance, being agreeable starts to take on a whole new meaning. We are all "before shots" now.
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(no subject) [Feb. 7th, 2004|08:56 pm]
In our meeting today we pretty much established the entire sequence of events for the workshop. We decided each girl should pick three out of the 5 discussion groups to take.

I don't have the notes for the exact thing, but those are brought to every meeting and I'll get them at the next one.

Basically, we're having all of the discussion groups after potluck dinner on Friday night. Then we'll have a bedtime activity (probably orgasm faking contest, then boardgames, then stories) The next morning we get up at ten (wake up song possibly, I hope!) and have feedback to the discussion groups and then a big discussion about the history of cunts and the word cunt with everyone, throughout the entire thing every girl is going to make a painting, and at the end we're all going to swap paintings with eachother.

Earlier in the week from our lock-in, James from Bucketworks is having an all male lock-in with a similar agenda. The week following both of our groups we're going to have a "cunts meets the cocks" discussion group with boys vs. girls scrabble.

Also I hate to say this, but I should add that I don't have to much faith in Saira to really be helpful with this, however, she's only been to one meeting and has a whole month to prove that she's willing to do the work for this. At this point I wouldn't be willing to give her the responsibility of a discussion group because I'm pretty confident that she wouldn't be ableto prepare herself. I really hope she does get herself caught up to us because I think she could potentially contribute a lot.
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(no subject) [Feb. 6th, 2004|09:23 pm]
We got our event proposal into Bucketworks today. the date we're shooting for is March 6th. We'll find out after the staff meeting on Sunday. As soon as the date is finalized I can distribute flyers.
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